• Responsible Operations

    Integrating the triple bottom line and acting responsibly towards our suppliers, employees, customers and communities. Maintaining efficient performance and complying with laws and standards.

  • Ethical Sourcing

    Applying a sustainable procurement model, providing suitable income to all layers of suppliers and preventing child labour

  • Corporate Footprint

    Conducting regular carbon footprint assessments, reducing emissions, working on waste prevention, climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • Social Development

    Ensuring equity amongst all employees and promoting employee development. Establishing Bariq Sustainability Academy (BSA) to develop awareness programs to schools, universities and corporates.

  • Sustainable Products

    Setting high standards of product specifications and regular development with lowest footprint and best quality to contribute to our network and enable our customers’ mixing targets.

  • Economic Expansion

    Promoting Circular Economy, issuance of Green Bonds, complying with sustainable financing regulations

  • Environmental Impact

    Being in the recycling industry, we use post-consumer plastic bottles to produce new products made of recycled material. This contributes to climate change mitigation where we prevent waste from being dumped in the ocean or landfills saving greenhouse gases. Through recycling we reduce the consumption of natural resources, save energy and prevent pollution. We prevented 15 billion bottles from being dumped in the ocean or landfills, saving 501,762 mt of greenhouse gases. Our efforts in climate action include resource conservation where we save water and fossil fuels to the environment, that would have been used in the production of virgin plastic. Also, our wastewater treatment unit is a method to reuse our wastewater in our washing lines after treating it. In addition, we monitor our carbon footprint through conducting carbon footprint assessments and setting reduction plans accordingly. We do not only rely on our physical recycled product in climate action, but also, we promote environmental responsible behaviors among citizens. We conduct volunteering clean-up events for our employees to raise their sense of ownership and set example. Furthermore, we conduct online awareness campaigns through our social media channels to raise awareness on climate change and provide tips for adapting towards a sustainable behavior.

    Social Impact

    Because we are aware that environmental sustainability cannot be achieved without social contribution, accordingly, developing our direct and indirect stakeholders is our objective. We invest in our employees, suppliers, clients and community. We work with adults, teenagers and children to raise awareness on climate change and help them adapt an environmentally responsible behavior. Our factory is always open to visitors to see the recycling process and understand how waste can become a food-grade product that is safe to use. In addition to our contribution to education through providing awareness sessions on environmental sustainability and sustainable packaging to schools, universities and corporates. We conducted awareness sessions to 1,400+ students and employees. Moreover, we conduct trash art workshops with students where we use waste to produce art pieces. Furthermore, we provide internship programs at Bariq to university students to give them an opportunity of exploring their career options in a green industry. Also, we participate in competitions for new eco solutions and innovations. Not to mention, our collaboration with various social initiatives and community events in cleanups and awareness. We focus on our employees internally as much as we focus on the community externally. We provide literacy programs for our illiterate employees, and we sponsor college education to our employees with high school education. Plus, providing them professional trainings on technical and soft skills. In addition to implementing a profit-sharing plan with our employees yearly. We create 200 direct jobs at Bariq who are 100% locally hired, and 5,000 indirect jobs through our wide network of supply chain in waste collection of all levels. Through our supply chain, we support national sourcing and local purchasing. Our work force is diverse in terms of age, gender, and socioeconomic status. Most of our employees are considered underprivileged individuals who are either uneducated, economically disadvantaged or live in a low-income residential area. We take pride in offering them a sustainable income in addition to other benefits.

    Economic Impact

    Our environmental and social impact cannot take place without our economic sustainability. We advocate for green economy in Egypt and circular economy globally. We apply the Triple Bottom Line business concept were we take into consideration the social and environmental impact in our strategy and operations. We are the only recycling facility of food-grade PET in Egypt, bringing unique infrastructure and an environmentally innovative manufacturing process. Our product contributes to Egypt’s exports being sold in more than 40 countries, bringing foreign currency. In addition to bringing in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) boosting the manufacturing sector in Egypt. Also, we received approval from Egypt’s Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) on offering green bonds worth EUR 40 million. In addition to supporting job creation in Egypt through our local hiring, plus providing a stable income to all our employees. Not to mention, we are the only bottle-to-bottle recycler in Egypt, with the best machinery from Tomra and Starlinger, and an environmentally innovative manufacturing process to Egypt’s industrial production. Furthermore, we signed our expansion contracts to double our input of post-consumer plastic bottles and our output of food-grade RPET and becoming the largest bottle recycling plant in MEA and one of the largest facilities globally.

  • Volunteering Events

    To induce volunteerism and encourage employees to take active steps towards a responsible environmental behavior and setting a role model in active citizenship, we collaborate with partners in holding volunteering events such as planting and cleanups.

    sustainability day

    As part of employee engagement, we organize sustainability carnivals/events. The day is full of activities and competitions with a sustainable development theme, covering its three pillars: social, economic and environmental. Also, employees bring their kids with them for a small awareness session and sharing the fun.

    Student Field Trips

    Students come to Bariq factory to see how waste can be recycled into food-grade products that are safe to be used. They take a tour in the factory and a brief talk on our recycling process. In addition to green activities at our place.


    We host competitions on climate change mitigation or sustainable development for schools and universities. If the proposed project is related to Bariq, students can get the chance to lead its implementation, in addition to the prizes.