Quality Management

ISO 9001

Standards for quality management system, building on people engagement, customer focus, leadership, process quality, continuous improvement and relation ship management. Bariq Acquired ISO 9001 in 2013.

ISO 14001

Standards focused on environmental sustainability, building on environmental policy, implementation, and operation, ensuring that environmental management is done according to quality standards, Bariq acquired ISO 14001 in 2013.

ISO 18001

Standard for health & safety, bariq believes is safety is the main pillar of any operation, implementing the best practices in HSE operation, Bariq was awarded with ISO 18001 in 2013.

ISO 17025

As quality is one of the top pillars in bariq operations, bariq started the process for ISO 17015 in the laboratory, implementing the ISO 17025 compliance system. In 2020, Bariq laboratory was awarded with ISO 17025.

ISO 45001

Coping with the change that occurs in International Standards, ISO 45001 was obtained by Bariq in 2021, as a replacement to ISO 18001.