Capitalizing on our intensive operational and technical knowledge over the past 12 years we will be able to offer a solid services, starting from feasibility study and sourcing to fully operational plant during the design and execution project phases which will help our partner to overcome several obstacles and will enjoy a smooth fast start up in addition to a direct savings in machinery purchasing due to our solid relation with all technology providers.


We host competitions on climate change mitigation or sustainable development for schools and universities. If the proposed project is related to Bariq, students can get the chance to lead its implementation, in addition to the prizes.

Contribution & Awareness Program

Bariq’s Contribution & Awareness Program (CAP) is a program that raises individuals’ awareness on sustainable development and climate change. It represents a contribution by the company to the circular economy in a restorative industry -plastic recycling- on behalf of its employees; as we buy bales of plastic bottles with the program fees to be recycled at our facility. This activity saves greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), air, land and water pollution, in addition to countless land and marine lives. We are proud to state that our training material is CPD certified, which is very beneficial for the employees’ development. On a macro-level, Bariq’s CAP incorporates targets under 8 different UN SDGs and the 3 environmental principles of the UN Global Compact.

Student Field Trips

Students come to Bariq factory to see how waste can be recycled into food-grade products that are safe to be used. They take a tour in the factory and a brief talk on our recycling process. In addition to green activities at our place.

Sustainability Day

As part of employee engagement, we organize sustainability carnivals/events. The day is full of activities and competitions with a sustainable development theme, covering its three pillars: social, economic and environmental. Also, employees bring their kids with them for a small awareness session and sharing the fun.

Volunteering Events

To induce volunteerism and encourage employees to take active steps towards a responsible environmental behavior and setting a role model in active citizenship, we collaborate with partners in holding volunteering events such as planting and cleanups.