COP27 ISR Side Event

Intro Sustainable Resources, Bariq’s Holding Company, held a side event titled “Green Funding – The Driving Power for Climate Mitigation “at COP27 at Hall A tomorrow on the 17th of November from 11AM to 12PM.

As stated by the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, the world’s plastic pollution crisis worsens by the day, it is critical for local communities to accelerate their response to the problem. We at #Bariq are very proud to be the biggest Egyptian organization having such a great positive impact on #climatechange since 260,000 tons of CO2 emissions have been mitigated through our recycling facility. We are very proud as well with our participation in COP27, the UN Climate Change Conference side event on #COP27Solutions Day bringing financial institution and waste management sector experts together to discuss improvements in our waste supply chain, the partnership between Bariq and HSBC for Africa’s largest RPET factory, and the critical need for additional green investments in the region. Recycling infrastructure in Africa remains critically low, but progress is being made in developing and applying systems to alleviate the issue.

Thanks to all speakers, Dr. Karim Morsy, Advisor to the Minister of Environment | Khalid Hamza, Egypt Country Director, EBRD | Mostafa Khairat, Managing Partner at Intro Resource Recovery | Hany Helaly, Managing Partner of Intro Sustainable Power Utilities | Todd Wilcox, CEO of HSBC Egypt | Mohamed Abbas, Managing Partner, Intro Sustainable Resources | Tarek Medhat, CEO, Bariq

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