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Thousand tonsCO2 Saved



Billion BottlesRecycled


BariQ was founded in 2012 as the practical mean for bringing back to life the materials that would have been discarded as waste in landfills. Paving the way for other industries, BariQ pioneered the market by and early recognition of the environmental value of reclaiming HDPE and PET plastic and committed to sustainability by striving for recycling materials for manufacturing high quality and durable bottles for, food grade and non food grade, and for consumer and industrial markets trusted by market leaders companies of packaged goods.

BariQ ventured the market fully equipped with visionary leadership to handle the implications and demands of market expansion by incorporating sustainability In our business cycle as a constant in BariQ’s business development which was picked in 2015 out of 193 SMEs, Egyptian, and multinational companies and rewarded for our environmental projects, CSR and workplace environment in the Pioneering Businesses for Sustainable Development Contest organized by the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry.

New Products from Recycled Plastic

BariQ team categorized all its waste while closely monitoring market trends and expenses.These figures ultimately made the case for establishing new Waste Recovery Unit (WRU).

The WRU enables the company to use so-called slow-moving waste items by converting them into non- food grade products.

Alongside BariQ’s Food-grade PET products, these new items can help the company penetrate new markets by offering a more diversified product mix, moreover the WRU will provide two new sources of raw materials for the existing PET production lines via reworking both generated waste relieving pressure.

Water Treatment

BariQ understands that water is an essential part of the recycling process, yet it presents unique challenges (Ex: contamination) during processing, therefore it must be treated before reusing And as a responsible step towards the community, BariQ treats the water it sends it back to the community.

Recycle to Save Energy

Recycling a half kilogram of PET saves approx. 12,000 BTU’s of heat energy
Producing new plastic products from recycled materials uses two-thirds less energy than is required to make products from raw (virgin) materials
When recycled material is substituted for virgin material, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced For every tonne of rPET used, over 1.5 tonnes of CO2 is saved.

Economic Sense

RPET reduces the amount of energy needed for manufacture compared to virgin resin, offering a saving in electricity costs
Using rPET could present a means of managing fluctuating resin costs and save foreign currency from buying the material from abroad ensure constant year round supply and on time delivery

Maintain Quality

Packaging products in rPET is possible without compromising performance, physical properties, storage stability or visual appeal RPET found to be a more forgiving processing material than virgin PET, making set-up and running easier.