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Chairman Message

Strong Focus on Basic Business Virtues and Values

The secret of every successful, century-old company lies in its corporate values. These fundamental pillars of doing business begin with senior executives and managers and trickle all the way down through the corporate structure to entry-level associates and interns. This shared set of core values, rooted in daily habits, promotes a sense of enduring trust that enables these businesses to survive the lean times as well as well as the days of plenty.


Our vision for Raya is no different. Through an ongoing process of evolution, we have become a strong and unique organization committed to market leadership in the businesses in which we operate and invest. Over the last decade, our focus was on nourishing the unique seeds we first planted more than 15 years ago, which would ultimately blossom into a fruitful corporate culture that enabled us to expand, diversify and spread beyond the borders of Egypt. As every firm is defined by its culture, our corporate identity is built on a sacred quadrant of respect, customer focus, teamwork and excellence - four corporate pillars that have shaped our operations and marked every day of our success. We are building and fostering a corporation that will survive and thrive for many coming generations.


In the past year, our value-based operations and employees have achieved remarkable milestones in almost all our lines of business. Raya Smart Buildings’ recently-opened Galleria40 - the first commercial/retail development in Egypt with gold pre-certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) - has attracted even more prominent international brands and a wider customer base. Galleria40 is also home to our new restaurant chains. In just six months, Ovio and Cachimba have managed to put down strong roots in the food and beverage industry, taking us a step closer to realizing our plan to turn them into local and international franchises.  


Working successfully toward its global vision, Raya Contact Center has successfully launched three new facilities in Hurghada, Dubai and Poland, adding 1,730 call center seats for a total capacity of 4,750 seats across eight sites. In another inspiring quantum leap, Raya Trade has won the sole distribution rights for Microsoft Lumia and Nokia phones in Egypt, bringing us one step closer to dominating the consumer electronics market.


For most of our rivals, the last few years have been some of the toughest in recent memory. For us at Raya, however, the challenging economic climate has been a blessing in disguise, consistently raising the bar and motivating us to work harder to stay ahead of the pack. We now count more than 6,500 proud employees, 10 booming and sustainable lines of business and a diverse customer base that spans multiple continents. Our strong focus on a basic business creed of quality and cooperation will sustain Raya through demanding challenges for many generations to come. 

16 Years of Successful Endeavors

Merger 1998 - 1999

The merger of 7 companies led to the establishment of Raya Holding, which was created as a large, national entity to address the large gap existing between multinational market players and small to medium-sized local players.


Diversification 2000 - 2001

The company's initial strategy was to diversify into more IT and IT-related activities and to penetrate Egypt's emerging data telecom market. In line with this strategy, Raya Holding acquired 3 new subsidiaries, and founded 7 others


Streamlining 2002

Streamlining Raya's operations entailed merging smaller companies with similar operations, building corporate support functions, curtailing redundancies, and unifying the Raya brand name. As a result, Raya’s activities are categorized into three main lines of business, which are: Information Technology, Telecommunications and Retail & Distribution.


Going International 2003 - 2004

In tune with its expansion strategy, Raya started to seize opportunities in different countries with a focus on the gulf region. The past three years witnessed the birth of Raya Gulf, Raya Saudi, Raya USA, and Raya Algeria which solidified Raya's International presence.


Going Public 2005

As a result of a healthy performance, the shares of Raya Holding were listed on the Egyptian Stock Market in May 2005, following an IPO worth 400 million Egyptian Pounds. This move allowed Raya to finance its local and regional expansion project that will deliver high value for shareholders and investors.


Realigning Resources 2006 - 2007

In line with its corporate strategy to create improvements in margins and earnings, Raya has started realigning its organizational structure. Three CEOs were appointed, each dedicated to one of Raya's lines of business. This allows each line of business to answer to its varying needs and ensures focus to better serve its customers and address opportunities for growth. The new structure also redefines the shared services within all the subsidiaries.


Expansion 2008 - 2009

With a strong commitment to diversify the Group's portfolio, Raya ventured into new markets of smart buildings, leveraging on its strong IT expertise in smart buildings.


Portfolio Diversification 2010 - 2013

Building on the venture into the smart buildings offices development and lease business in 2008, Raya continued to follow a strong portfolio diversification strategy. Raya Group ventured into the transport and the recycling industries, through establishing Ostool, a land and river transport company, and Bariq, a plastic recycling and re-manufacturing company.


Developing Market Resilience 2014 - 2015

Despite the post-revolution deeply damaged economy, along with unstable political conditions, Raya Group managed to solidify strategies and explore new realms of business, following with its vigorous expansion plan.


The Right Foundations for Growth

Portfolio Diversification Strategy: Raya has adopted a clear expansion and diversification strategy for the past 4 years. Despite of the turbulent economic phase the country is facing, we are still dedicated to grow and expand in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

Fast-entry into Profitable Markets: The coming period will witness a strategy that promotes our fast-entry into profitable markets through promising investments and acquisitions and a strong and strategic business development, as well as a fast-entry into promising geographic markets.


Expanding Value-added Services: Committed to differentiate our services, we have adopted a strategy of expanding value added services. In this light, we are concentrating on expanding our call center offshore revenues, direct distribution, coverage and reach, as well as our mobile maintenance services. 


Maximizing Shareholders' Returns: With a focus to maximize profits and shareholders’ return, our strategy is to focus on high gross profit products and services in the coming period, while strictly controlling expenses with optimum utilization of cash management.


Commitment to Corporate Citizenship: Finally, a commitment to corporate citizenship is of utter importance in the coming period. We are dedicating a team to manage a number of corporate social responsibility projects with a special focus on health and education sector.  


The Group