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Raya Reinforces Its Commitment to Corporate Citizenship 

At Raya we take pride in our dedication to corporate social responsibility initiatives that plays a major role in Egypt’s social development sustainability. Our pride not only lays in supporting such initiatives, but in our continuous efforts to engage our people on ground activities and witness our social impact ourselves. Raya is constantly looking to collaborate with reputable non-governmental organizations such as; Educate-Me, Terous , INJAZ Egypt, Wataneya, Baheya Hospital and Children Cancer Hospital 57357.

Raya’s Social Investment Initiatives:  A Way Forward toward a Better Future

Raya’s Commitment to Education and Sustainable Development


Skill-based Education Initiative

The core of a rapid development of a country can always be routed to education, hence Raya started in 2015 with plans to empower and support education institutions.  In collaboration with Educate-Me organization, Raya supported underprivileged communities to enhance the learning process in Talbeya Haram through supplying classes with all needed IT equipment as well as building and furnishing extra floors to accommodate a larger number of children. 320 children today are receiving their education in a better environment and are encouraged to pursue their dreams.


Safe-Learning Environment in Public Schools

In collaboration with Terous NGO, Raya participated in the Ministry of Education initiative “safe learning environment in public schools’ campaign. The initiative tackles the lack of necessary infrastructure maintenance work that put the lives of public schools’ students at risk. Raya’s collaboration with Terous NGO came to execute the needed maintenance missions in eight public schools in Al Ganayen in Suez governorate impacting the lives of over 4118 students.  At Raya we believe that no student should ever endure such life threatening conditions to be able to receive their education.



Sharing Know-how Through Corporate Volunteerism

The third educational initiative with INJAZ Egypt was designed to encourage Raya employees to volunteer their time and knowledge to implement predesigned programs in public schools that tackle topics like entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness. More than 315 training hours in 570 schools allowed Raya employees to influence preparatory students in their journey of self-discovery and created a skill based educational experience to our youth.


Raya Civic Engagement Activities: Creating a Sense of Shared Value

Raya is constantly encouraging activities that shows our commitment and duty towards the betterment of society. Our duty towards our society is to strive for success, growing the business and increasing our corporate social responsibility at Raya is of no less importance.


We praise the employees who participate in these social initiatives and encourage everyone to take part in our yearly social projects as to promote engagement and create a sense of shared value.


Raya and Children Cancer Hospital 57357 proudly organizes on regular basis blood donation campaigns in all its premises; 6th of October Headquarter, Galleria40, BariQ factory, Maadi Park facility and Abassya call center.

Raya also held breast cancer awareness sessions for all female employees in collaboration with the specialized Baheya breast cancer Hospital.


Calling for Gender Diversity and Women’s Empowerment


A major arm of Raya’s CSR committee is promoting gender diversity through celebrating International Day for Women’s Day. In 2015, we celebrated International Day for Women & Girls in Science and Technology. Raya also participated this year in the global event “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” at the Egyptian Stock Exchange celebrating women in workplace and the community.

Raya group proudly encourages women in the workplace and helps them to maintain a work-life balance. Women leaders at Raya Group act as role models for all women employees by mentoring, empowering them and motivating them to develop their skills and succeed in their careers.


As part of Raya’s efforts in creating a corporate culture that encourages gender diversity and empowers women, Raya Holding’s CEO signed this year the Statement of Support to Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP), disseminated by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Global Compact