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BariQ Global Market Presence



Egypt is a prosperous market not only because of the prime geographic location that allows access to different regional markets but also Egypt has various free trade agreements with most of the global markets that facilitate importing like free trade agreement with Europe, GSP with USA, MERCOSUR with Latin American countries and COMESA with African countries. 


BariQ is the first Bottle to Bottle PET recycler in MENA region with 200 employees, operating since 2012, We offer our quality food-grade PET pellets; which is approved by the European EFSA , the US FDA and Health Canada; to major international bottle and food container makers and major fiber producers throughout Europe and North America. In fact, our clients include many of the world's largest and respected companies.  We are honored to serve the following markets:


Food Packaging


Plastic Bottles


Fiber Applications


In 2016, BariQ expanded its operations and product portfolio, by adding the recycling of HDPE and PP containers into resin suitable for various non-food applications such as WPC/NFPC, crates, pallets, pipes, containers…etc.

Polyethylene ( High Denisty )






We are a value-driven company and give each customer the distinguished attention and highest service level. Over the past years we have established a global supply network catering many global players all over Europe, USA and MENA region. Our quality focus and constant pursual towards higher partners’ satisfaction levels are our main assets. As a fully integrated company and with a comprehensive network of partners, we offer the convenience of a one-stop-service to ensure our high quality recycled resin are processed to meet the rigorous performance and quality requirements of our clients and their end-customers alike.